The Ostom-I Alert clips on to the outside of most brands of ostomy pouches currently on the market, and the accompanying app is available for IOS and Android smartphone users. There is also a tablet app designed for hospital use to manage multiple ostomy patients at one time.

The Bluetooth enabled device can easily be programmed to send alerts from the pouch to the free app enabling patients to set multiple alarms, and alert them to when their pouch is filling. Ostom-i provides healthcare professionals and caregivers remote access in real-time to the output data to eliminate the need for manual measuring of ostomy output, the sensor automates the process.

Ostom-I Alert was developed by patient Michael Seres, the founder of 11 Health while in the hospital. He was diagnosed with the incurable bowel condition Crohn’s Disease at age 12, and after 20 operations and intestinal failure he became the 11th person to undergo a small bowel transplant in the United Kingdom.

"The aim is to enable patients to better self-manage and healthcare professionals can, for the first time, remote monitor them", says 11 Health President Michael Seres. He continues, "This can lead to early intervention to prevent issues like dehydration and electrolyte loss that often results in readmissions".

Ostom-i Alert is aiming to be adopted as a standard of practice for ostomy patients by the leading colon & rectal surgeons, GI surgeons and hospitals in the world.

Ostom-i Alert is available through a variety of insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. It can also can be claimed during hospital stays, outpatient visits and prescribed by a Physician.

Ostom-I Alert is registered as a class one device with the MHRA – UK medical regulators and has been granted full FDA 510K approval in the United States.