Based in Pittsford of New York, Mobilize RRS is involved in the marketing of Mobilize Rescue Systems app and associated rescue kits developed to assist bystanders for providing acute critical care in emergency situations.

Established in 2016, the company produces interactive trauma and first aid systems for untrained bystanders to assess, manage, and help injured people during medical emergencies.

According to Mobilize RRS, the bystanders need to be supported to play an active role in responding to emergencies that result from accidents, medical emergencies and acts of violence.

Mobilize RRS CEO Jeffrey Gerstner said: “This transaction will have a positive impact on saving more lives.

“With ZOLL’s extensive network, our emergency technology will be brought to a greater number of patients worldwide.”

Mobilize Rescue Systems includes easy-to-use solutions, which guide lay rescuers to offer assistance to victims of various emergencies.

The systems provide step-by-step instructions and supplies to help bystanders manage severe bleeding, cardiac arrest, seizures, choking, chest trauma, hypothermia and burns within the ambulance.

Each Mobilize Rescue Systems product is comprised of medical equipment, which integrates with interactive software to help bystanders manage emergencies.

The product app offers required knowledge to the individuals for use of the supplies in the rescue kit to save lives.

The programme is said to ask mostly yes or no questions to assess the victim, points to the proper color-coded

Mobilize Rescue Systems product line can be used by federal and local law enforcement agencies, security and investigations agencies, K-12 schools and universities, public and private organisations.

Zoll Resuscitation president Elijah White said: “ZOLL is a leader in providing high-quality AEDs to help people save the life of someone suffering from sudden cardiac arrest.

“Mobilize Rescue Systems are a natural extension for ZOLL, in that they give people the ability to help victims of nearly every type of emergency.”