Medical devices maker Smiths Medical has acquired San Diego-based privately-held company Access Scientific for an undisclosed sum.

Access Scientific is a broad-spectrum vascular access and infection prevention company, which is involved in the manufacturing of POWERWAND midline and extended dwell catheters.

The POWERWAND product portfolio will allow Smiths Medical to expand its vascular access product portfolio

The POWERWAND product portfolio will help Smiths Medical to expand its vascular access product portfolio and facilitates more clinician choice for the treatment of patients. Bloodstream infections are said to be a known risk associated with vascular access catheters.

According to the company, conclusions from recent clinical studies demonstrate no occurrence of bloodstream infections associated with the use of the POWERWAND products.

The echogenic properties of POWERWAND catheter facilitate ultrasound visualisation, once in the vein. In addition, the POWERWAND offers clinicians with the option of two insertion methods to deliver the midline catheter.

Smiths Medical CEO JehanZeb Noor said: “Smiths Medical’s acquisition of Access Scientific enhances our commitment to patient care and outcomes, driving category leadership in our existing vascular access portfolio.

“We believe this acquisition enhances our position as a trusted medication management solutions company. During this time of uncertainty, we feel privileged to offer our customers on the frontlines more choices for treating their patients.”

In November 2018, Smiths Group first announced its intention to separate Smiths Medical, the medical business division from the group, and to focus more on industrial technology.

Smiths Group had stated that the decision would enable the company to deliver on its full potential, capitalising on its position, by launching new products and to exploit opportunities that can add value to its business.