Atracsys Sàrl is a major provider of optical tracking technology, which is used in computer-assisted surgery.

The acquisition of Atracsys is said to support Smith & Nephew’s long-term commitment to develop its multi-asset digital surgery and robotics ecosystem to better serve surgeons and improve clinical outcomes.

The fusionTrack 500 optical tracking camera, produced by Atracsys, will serve as a core enabling technology for Smith & Nephew’s next-generation robotics platform, which is slated for commercial launch in 2020.

Atracsys’ fusionTrack 500 delivers better measurement speed and latency performance and reduces procedure times, in addition to increasing accuracy in precision surgical tasks such as bone cuts compared to existing tracking technology.

The portfolio of Atracsys is comprised of open platform optical navigation and robotic tracking components, which can be used in applications such as orthopaedics, neurosurgery, spine and dental.

In April this year, Smith & Nephew agreed to acquire Leaf Healthcare, a developer of the unique Leaf Patient Monitoring System for pressure injury prevention and patient mobility monitoring.

Leaf Healthcare provides Leaf Patient Monitoring System that has a small, lightweight, wearable sensor that wirelessly monitors a patient’s position and their mobility in a hospital.

The tracking data provided by the monitoring device is useful for automating and documenting the compliance with prescribed turn protocols for patients at risk for pressure injuries.

In March this year, Smith & Nephew agreed to acquire US-based regenerative medicine firm Osiris Therapeutics in a deal valued at around $660m (£524m).

Based in Columbia of Maryland, Osiris Therapeutics is engaged in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of regenerative medicine products such as skin, bone graft and articular cartilage substitutes.

Osiris Therapeutics produces various products such as Grafix, GrafixPL, GrafixPL PRIME Cartiform, Stravix, BIO and Cartiform.

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