Radiology software company Sirona Medical has acquired Nines’ artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition consists of clinical data pipeline, machine learning engines, AI powered radiology workflow management and analytics tools, in addition to two FDA-cleared medical devices.

Under the deal, key personnel from Nines will also join Sirona Medical. Maureen Bradford from Nines will join Sirona Medical as chief revenue officer.

Nines offers FDA-cleared medical devices such as NinesMeasure lung nodule algorithm and NinesAI Emergent Triage AI-powered algorithms.

Nines former CEO David Stavens said: “Over the past several years, Nines made tremendous progress from a technology standpoint. I am thrilled that Nines’ innovations will be integrated into Sirona’s impressive RadOS to accelerate their fantastic mission, clients, and team.”

NinesMeasure is said to leverage AI to advance the diagnoses of certain respiratory diseases, while NinesAI algorithms are designed to triage time-critical and life-threatening indications of intracranial hemorrhage and mass effect.

NinesAI Emergent Triage algorithms will be incorporated into Sirona’s radiology operating system (RadOS), a unified platform that integrates siloed radiology applications into a cohesive user experience.

The acquisition follows Sirona’s strategic partnership with RevealDx to incorporate their CE-marked RevealAI-Lung algorithm into the company’s RadOS platform.

Sirona Medical founder and CEO Cameron Andrews said: “In order for AI adoption to take place at scale, you need to break down the artificial silos of a medical image viewer, studies worklist, and speech recognition reporter.

“It’s only through a unified platform that AI can take full advantage of the underlying data and deliver context-specific results in the most relevant way to radiologists.”

Nines’ teleradiology business, dubbed Nines Radiology, is not part of the deal.