Based in Boston, Medumo has developed a diagnostic patient management platform to provide patient engagement and education services for healthcare providers.

Philips precision diagnosis ventures head Matt Bierbaum said: “By combining Medumo’s direct patient interaction services with Philips’ diagnostic imaging systems, enterprise diagnostic informatics and operational performance management capabilities, Philips aims to deliver a patient-centric solution to our customers that helps drive their top- and bottom-line improvements by streamlining labor intensive workflows.”

At present, Medumo is focused on pre-procedure engagement and post-procedure follow-up. The firm’s services will remind and prepare patients for pre-diagnostic exam tasks as prescribed by their healthcare provider through timely and actionable text messages, checklists or other relevant content via SMS, other web and non-web channels.

Medumo uses multilingual precision-timed SMS, emails, phone calls and paper mailings to remind the patients at the right time.

According to the company, machine learning from 10 million digital interactions enables it to segment each patient based on their engagement patterns and adapt outreach to mitigate risk.

Medumo’s platform is said to compliment Philips’ VitalHealth population health management platform, which focuses on delivering personalised care outside of the hospital.

Medumo co-founder and CEO Dr Adeel Yang said: “We are both deeply committed to addressing our customers’ biggest challenges through improvements in efficiency and diagnostic quality. Together, we will build on the many years of great work and services of Medumo and create new possibilities for patient management.”

In March this year, Philips agreed to acquire Carestream Health’s healthcare information systems business for an undisclosed sum.

The acquired business will add Philips with Carestream’s cloud-based enterprise imaging platform, including advanced vendor-neutral archive (VNA), diagnostic and enterprise viewers, multimedia reporting, workflow orchestrator and clinical, operational and business analytics tools.

Carestream said its medical imaging, dental and industrial films, non-destructive testing and precision coating businesses are not part of the deal.