Glooko, a provider of remote patient monitoring and digital health solutions, has acquired German medical artificial intelligence (AI) company xbird for an undisclosed sum.

Based in Berlin, xbird is engaged in the development of just in time adaptive intervention (JITAI) technologies to help patients and their providers in predicting behaviour and controlling diabetes.

The firm acquires data streams from built-in sensors on smartphones, wearables, and medical devices for the development of algorithms and machine learning models to process these streams into real-time JITAI.

xbird’s technology allows to interpret medical and behavioural data in a targeted manner, as well as offer customised recommendations and behavioural nudges.

To create individualised behavioral profiles and personalised nudges to change patient behaviour and lifestyle decisions, sensors through smartphones and wearables record a user’s movements and analyse the data.

Glooko CEO Russ Johannesson said: “Among the many JITAI companies in the digital health landscape, xbird clearly has a superior solution, and has built successful partnerships throughout diabetes device manufacturers and clinical institutions.

“The combination of Glooko’s established global footprint and xbird’s exciting JITAI capabilities will allow us to improve patient outcomes.”

The acquisition of xbird will allow Glooko to expand its analytics capabilities and tools, thereby helping to broaden the company’s platform offerings.

Glooko intends to combine the xbird JITAI digital coaching software with its platform that is used daily by over 7500 clinics across the globe and more than one million users.

The company offers software platforms, which gather and analyse data from multiple devices in one secure place. They support easy remote upload through app or in-clinic to generate easy-to-read analytics via actionable charts and graphs.