Gilde Healthcare, through its private equity fund, has acquired German medtech contract manufacturer Europin for an undisclosed sum.

Based in Heidelberg, Europin is engaged in the development and manufacturing of medical devices such as pen cannulas and lancet needles for medical and pharmaceutical applications.

With a production plant in Trenčín in Slovakia, the company is mainly focused on injection systems for self-medication in the field of diabetes and hormone therapies.

Established in 1997, Europin has expertise in the serial production of needles ranging from prototyping to high volume manufacturing with a total annual output of over two billions needles and cannulas.

Europin CEO Lothar Lindenau said: “We are very proud of the development of EUROPIN which we have achieved with our team over the last years.

“We are pleased to have a new partner at our side and look forward to the next steps we will jointly pursue. We are convinced that joining forces with Acti-Med will bring great value to both companies and help build a global leader.”

The acquisition is expected to support Gilde Healthcare’s efforts to establish a major integrated contract manufacturer for tailor-made cannulas and cannula systems.

In April last year, the company acquired Acti-Med, which offers regulated cannulas and cannula systems for pharmaceutical and medical applications that are jointly developed with international original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

Based in Freiensteinau, Acti-Med has operations in Kozerkí of Poland.

Gilde Healthcare private equity partner Rafael Natanek said: ”We are impressed by Europin’s success over the last years and the achievements of the entire management team.

“We are excited to partner with Lothar and his team to support the future growth path. There is also a great strategic fit between Acti-Med and Europin.”