Eurofins Scientific has agreed to acquire Japan-based testing services provider Genetic Lab (G Lab) from Transgenic for an undisclosed sum.

G Lab is involved in delivering molecular biology based testing for diagnostics, biomarker development and drug discovery.

With more than 70 employees, the company earned a revenue of more than €13m in the financing year that ended in March this year.

G Lab, which was initially formed as a genetics technology based bio venture in 2000, also offers diversified testing services that help in biomarker development for companion drugs.

The company’s products and services consist of CTC (circulating tumour cell) analysis, HPV signal detection, biomark high-throughput qPCR, histopathological analysis services, immunohistochemistry and others.

The acquisition of G Lab will allow Eurofins, a provider of bioanalytical testing and clinical diagnostics testing services, to enhance its clinical and Covid-19 testing offering in Japan.

In addition, it is expected to expand the company’s presence in Asia and complement its global network of clinical diagnostics laboratories that focus on specialised and advanced genetic testing.

With its technical experts, in-house medical pathologists and cytotechnologists, G Lab is said to have played a significant role in the Covid-19 response in Japan.

The company has facilitated PCR testing and extended support to Hokkaido prefecture and Sapporo city through Covid-19 testing programmes.

Eurofins stated that it currently offers environment testing and non-invasive prenatal testing in Japan and the acquired business will also allow the company to extend its service offering in bioPharma services and clinical testing in the country.

In October last year, Eurofins’ US Transplant Diagnostics wrapped the acquisition of Hawaii Cellular Therapy and Transplant Laboratory (HCTTL) to expand its footprint in the region.