Erbe Elektromedizin, a provider of surgical instruments and devices, has agreed to acquire Germany-based Maxer Endoscopy for an undisclosed sum.

Based in the Tuttlingen medical endoscopy cluster, Maxer has expertise in minimally invasive surgery (MIS).

The acquisition of Maxer will allow Erbe to expand its presence in the surgical endoscopy business. It allows Erbe to offer improved performance with 4K and fluorescence-guided systems in endoscopy as well as for open surgeries.

Maxer focuses on the development of high-end visualisation technology to deliver bright and pin-sharp multi-spectral images for NIR fluorescence-guided surgery and regular white light images.

Erbe Elektromedizin CEO and president Christian Erbe said: “This acquisition reflects our determination to become a solution provider for surgeries and procedures where visualization is critical.

“We will offer holistic solutions, from visualization to therapy. Entering into the world of fluorescence imaging systems is the logical first step to provide the required added value to our customers.”

Maxer is involved in the manufacturing of a range of endoscopic systems and instruments for laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, urology, pediatric surgery, arthroscopy, spine endoscopy and ENT surgery.

The company is working with the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) Munich and the Technical University Munich (TUM) to provide computer-assisted surgery in operating rooms.

Maxer offers full endoscopy systems with a range of cameras, advanced LED light sources, high-resolution chip-on-tip endoscopes, insufflators and pumps for minimum intervention during surgery as well as instruments to round up the endoscopic system.

In addition, the company is pursuing opportunities in the fields of fluorescence-guided surgery and augmented reality guided surgery.

Erbe is engaged in the development, manufacturing and supplying of surgical instruments and devices across the world. It also offers services for the professional use of these products in a diverse range of medical disciplines.