Digital medical technology company Brainlab has acquired Germany-based medical technology firm Mint Medical for an undisclosed sum.

Based in Heidelberg, Mint Medical is engaged in the development of image reading and reporting software for clinical routine and research.

The acquisition will allow Brainlab to enhance the structured diagnosis, analysis and treatment of cancer and other diseases to meet the requirements of modern medicine and personalised treatments.

Mint Medical customers will be able to link data across multiple oncological subspecialties ranging from clinical oncology to surgical oncology and radiotherapy, with the technologies provided by the two companies.

The acquisition enables Mint Medical clinical trial users to benefit from Brainlab technology for cloud computing, image data analysis, and patient-reported outcomes measures.

In addition, the two companies target to jointly enhance the technological infrastructure for managing clinical trials as well as large scale registries.

Brainlab president and CEO Stefan Vilsmeier said: “The transformation of our health care system is currently focused in large part on standardizing clinical data through a coding system.

“However high quality and consistency of such data requires a validated, reproducible, and structured digital process, for which Mint Medical is setting the benchmark.”

Mint Medical has been developing and selling a software solution called mint Lesion for more than 10 years.

The mint Lesion software will facilitate the standardised qualitative and quantitative assessment of imaging data, as per the defined criteria, workflows, and guidelines in the context of clinical trials as well as clinical routine.

The mint Lesion, along with visual data analytics software mint Analytics, is already used in university hospitals, general hospitals, and private practices across the globe.

In addition, the advanced software is used by multiple contract research organisations and pharmaceutical companies to evaluate the efficiency of novel treatments in cancer and other types of diseases.

In January this year, Brainlab acquired US-based VisionTree Software, which is involved in the development of cloud-based and patient-centric data collection and health management solutions.