Aatru Medical signed an agreement with Salus Biomedical for the distribution of Negative Pressure Surgical Incision Management System (NPSIMS) product in Latin America.

The deal is a part of Aatru’s commercial planning, which will enable the firm to introduce the FDA 510(k) cleared product in Latin America and the US, followed by other global markets.

NPSIMS is a simple, disposable, single-use, patented NPWT device that does not require an electromechanical pump, battery or canister.

It uses a unique solid-state chemical process to produce and administer therapeutic negative pressure to closed incision sites for up to 7 days.

According to the medical device company, the product comprises no moving parts or electromechanical components, but delivers similar clinical performance to existing commercial Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) devices.

Aatru COO Tom Lash commented: “Market analysis and voice-of-customer feedback identified that users value the role of NPWT products in helping manage the risk of surgical site infections (SSI), although product complexity and the high cost of currently-available NPWT products is restricting use to mainly higher-risk incisions only.

“The NPSIMS product provides similar clinical performance while providing significant cost improvement over existing devices, creating a more scalable standard of care to treat the vast majority of low-exudate surgical incisions.”

NPWT devices are known for the management of open wounds, and have been applied to closed surgical incisions over the past several years.

Salus Biomedical is a medical equipment distributor in Latin America that specialises in hospital-use products.

Salus Biomedical managing director Israel Vierma said: “We are proud to be at the forefront of incision care with this simple, most innovative and useful product.

“Aatru Medical is breaking new ground on ease-of-use for the clinicians and in helping us address a growing need in Latin America.”