Spartan Medical has extended its collaboration with IT services company NTT DATA to provide Covid-19 prevention and technology solutions for organisations.

It is a veteran-owned business that provides Covid-19 testing and vaccination programmes to schools, colleges, businesses, and government agencies in the US.

With the expanded alliance, Spartan Medical is enabled to incorporate NTT DATA’s Smart Back to Work (SB2W) application, as part of its Covd-19 testing program.

Accessible from a mobile phone, tablet or computer, SB2W application allows employees to securely upload proof of vaccination or Covid-19 test results for their employer.

Spartan Medical founder and president Vince Proffitt said: “Spartan Medical’s single-source, Covid-19 testing program has been validated by an independent third party and demonstrated proven results with evidence-based outcomes.

“By adding vaccine verification, we can provide any organization one complete, secure solution with all of the services, supplies and integration included, allowing our customers to focus on their profession.”

NTT DATA has developed the SB2W platform in partnership with Spartan Medical, to help organisations easily adapt with the changing Covid-19 safety requirements.

It allows organisation to securely track vaccination status and test results of the students, employees and employers to meet requirements and stay safe.

Spartan Medical said that its customisable Covid-19 testing programme allows businesses, schools and government agencies to choose the method of testing that suits their needs.

Under the programme, the company provides FDA-authorised self-administered, Over the Counter (OTC) Antigen Rapid Tests for weekly testing.

Also, it offers on-site test collection and processing using FDA-authorised Point-of-Care (POC) Antigen Rapid Tests, and PCR test collection shipped daily to an accredited lab.

NTT DATA Services public sector chief technology officer Noel Hara said: “Many organizations lack a single solution to manage COVID-19 vaccination status and test results.

“Through the combination of NTT DATA’s technology and Spartan Medical’s testing services, we can help organizations prioritize the safety of their employees through a secure, seamless program.

“We are delighted to continue our alliance with Spartan Medical to provide best-in-class solutions to our employees and clients.”