Used in healthcare facilities throughout North America, the Passport Series of bedside monitors, T1 monitor/module and Accutorr Series of spot check monitors are now fully compatible with a list of more than 20 of today’s most commonly used cleaners and disinfectants in use due to the increased emphasis on infection control.

Mindray’s devices provide innovative and scalable patient monitoring from bedside to transport and mobility monitors.

Used across a variety of demanding clinical environments, it is critical that these devices withstand the daily stresses of use and handling, as well as the harsh cleaning and disinfecting agents used to prevent healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs), without experiencing any level of physical compromise.

Mindray North America president Wayne Quinn said: “With such a wide range of cleaning and disinfecting products being used in hospitals, it was difficult for our customers to select formulations and procedures approved for use with our old plastics.

“Broad chemical resistance, durability and cleanability were at the top of our list of requirements when we were searching for an alternative plastic housing solution, and Eastman medical polymers truly delivered.”

Eastman’s medical polymers provide excellent chemical resistance and durability, ensuring compatibility and efficacy when using today’s aggressive disinfection solutions. In addition, the strength of the polymer overcomes the daily impact stresses that come with greater portability and patient-worn devices.

This is important because it reduces costs directly related to patient care delays (due to device failure) and results in a reduction in the total cost of ownership of medical equipment.

Eastman global market development manager Ellen Turner said: “Eastman’s comprehensive portfolio of materials is helping companies meet the cleanability and manufacturability needs that today’s healthcare environment demands.

“As a reliable polymer solutions partner, our technical experts are working closely with Mindray to shape the next generation of medical devices.”

Mindray North America product development vice president Rich Cipolli said: “Partnering with Eastman has allowed us to deliver products that are stronger and more disinfectant ready, while allowing us to transition with minimal changes to our molding tools — reducing cutover time and the cost of retooling.

“We are pleased to be able to pass this confidence on to our customers, who depend on Mindray products to reliably serve them for years to come.”

Source: Company Press Release.