Electromed announced entry into agreement with two Home Medical Equipment (HME) distributors – one national and one regional – to distribute and sell the SmartVest Airway Clearance System in the United States home care market.

The Company expects to continue its direct sales channel as its primary homecare revenue source. Sale of the SmartVest system through HME distributors has begun in targeted geographies in the first quarter of fiscal 2020.

“The homecare distribution channel expands physician and patient access to the SmartVest in certain areas of the United States and broadens exposure of the SmartVest brand,” said Kathleen Skarvan, President and Chief Executive Officer of Electromed.

“The direct-to-patient and provider channel will continue to be our primary focus for homecare revenue. Expanding sales channels through homecare distribution will complement our direct sales efforts and support growth initiatives to expand the underserved bronchiectasis market and acceptance of high frequency chest wall oscillation therapy with SmartVest.”

Bronchiectasis is under recognized and underdiagnosed, representing the fastest growing diagnostic category and we believe it holds the greatest potential for high frequency chest wall oscillation (“HFCWO”) growth in the United States. Bronchiectasis is an irreversible, chronic lung condition characterized by enlarged and permanently damaged bronchi. The condition is associated with recurrent lower respiratory infections, inflammation, reduction in pulmonary function, impaired respiratory secretion clearance, increased hospitalizations and medication use, and increased morbidity and mortality.

Homecare distributor partners intend to sell the SmartVest system directly to patients, upon receipt of a physician prescription. Electromed currently anticipates minimal impact to fiscal 2020 revenues and expenses resulting from the new agreements.

The SmartVest uses HFCWO, a proven therapy that helps clear the lungs of excess secretions, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and hospitalizations. The SmartVest system is designed to make HFCWO treatments as effective, convenient, and comfortable as possible, so patients can breathe easier and live better with improved respiratory function. Electromed is the only HFCWO therapy company with multiple published clinical studies showing a significant reduction in exacerbation rates and improvement in quality of life in bronchiectasis patients using its SmartVest system.

Source: Company Press Release