The majority of people with insulin-requiring diabetes, more than 5 million in the US alone, use injection therapy in their diabetes management regimens, but insulin dosing requires a complex set of guidelines, there are few tools to track insulin injection administration, and there is a lack of robust solutions to support healthcare providers in their efforts to implement the prescribed insulin regimens.

Bigfoot’s vision is to deliver injection systems as a monthly subscription and bring together insulin dosing support and glucose management with the goal of reducing the daily burden of diabetes management for people with insulin-requiring diabetes.

For the pen needles intended for inclusion in Bigfoot’s auto-fulfillment supply service, the company evaluated a number of candidates and chose Owen Mumford’s Pentips® Pen Needle line for the needle’s compatibility with all disposable insulin pens, its availability in the most popular lengths and gauges, its comfort and performance, and Owen Mumford’s reputation as one of the top global pen needle manufacturers.

“As a company comprised of people who live with diabetes, we know that one of the largest, non-therapy related burdens people face is the acquisition and management of diabetes supplies,” said Jeffrey Brewer, Bigfoot Biomedical co-founder and CEO.

“Our inclusion of Owen Mumford’s Pentips in our supply bundles will ensure our customers always have access to a high quality, comfortable pen needle for each insulin dose.”

“We’re delighted to support Bigfoot’s innovative product and service vision for its injection systems with our Pentips line,” said Travis Shaw, Executive Vice President at Owen Mumford USA, Inc. “We look forward to a strong relationship built on shared commitments to providing quality products for insulin pen users.”

Bigfoot is developing a digital drug delivery platform intended to support insulin delivery across all people with insulin-requiring diabetes, from those starting on injections to the most intensive infusion pump users.

Leveraging user-centered design and smartphone connectivity, Bigfoot’s ecosystem is intended to help people with insulin-requiring diabetes dose insulin safely and effectively, support healthcare providers in improving health outcomes efficiently, and enable payers to improve population health while reducing the cost of care.

The company anticipates a commercial launch of its first two systems, Bigfoot Inject and Bigfoot Loop, in 2020, pending completion of a pivotal clinical trial and subsequent regulatory approvals.

Source: Company Press Release