Femtech firm Willow has announced its plans to commercialise its third generation, wearable, in-bra breast pump Willow Generation 3, in spring 2020.

The company said that the new breast pump will feature advanced technology to support its commitment to provide a smart and productive pumping experience for mothers.

Willow president and CMO Vickie Mrva said: “At Willow, we continue to innovate and break boundaries in what defines the best in breast pumping technology.

“Our third generation pump has been updated from the inside-out to focus on giving mom the ability to tailor her experience to her needs and get the most out of every pumping session.”

Willow is showcasing its Generation 3 breast pump at CES 2020 in Las Vegas

In January 2017, Willow has introduced its first mobile discreet, and hands-free, breast pump that fits inside a woman’s bra, and eliminates the need for any cords or bottles.

According to the company’s testing, women using the latest breast pump have pumped 20% more milk, compared to those who used earlier-generation devices.

Also, the new smart suction automation and a faster transition to expression, which is similar to the way a baby naturally nurses, would maximise the milk output.

Willow said that the new generation pump has a softer, slower pumping rhythm and new sensitivity setting, and is also claimed to be more comfortable than before. The wider range of levels enables the users to control the pumping preference.

The company has recently launched its Milk Container, offering the flexibility of both spill-proof Milk Bags and a reusable container for its breast pumps. It intends to add a 21mm sized flange to their current size assortment, which would also be compatible with second generation devices.

Willow is showcasing its Generation 3 pump at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Its third generation pumps are planned to be commercialised in spring 2019, through various retail stores.