US-based orthodontics provider Western Dental and Orthodontics has introduced ClearArc orthodontic aligners, which is said to be an affordable alternative to traditional braces.

ClearArc is planned to be commercialised only through Western Dental offices across California in January, and through Texas, Arizona and Nevada offices in February.

Western Dental chief dental officer John Luther said: “As the leading provider of orthodontics in the country, we’re in a unique position. Every ClearArc patient is evaluated for treatment in a personal exam by an orthodontist, which isn’t the case with leading competitors.

“This quality control measure helps ensure that patients are suitable candidates for aligners before spending their hard-earned dollars. In any case, patients should always be treated by a qualified orthodontist when undergoing orthodontic treatment.”

Western Dental has designed ClearArc with ClearWear technology

Western Dental claimed that its ClearArc has been developed as an affordable clear aligner, through extensive research and testing. It has manufactured the aligners from a clear plastic or acrylic material to help patients with crowded teeth or spacing issues.

In addition, its ClearArc differs from the traditional clear aligners, which usually need attachments while operating, by using an advanced ClearWear technology. The technology is said to limit the attachments and ensures the aligners are stain resistant and virtually invisible.

The orthodontics provider said that its custom-made aligners are required to be worn over teeth for at least 20 hours per day, and should be removed only while eating, brushing and flossing.

The aligning process would take a few months to a couple years, depending on teeth and patient’s commitment to wearing the aligners.

Western Dental orthodontic operations vice president Eric Pellkofer said: “A lot of thought and consumer testing went into the development of ClearArc to create a superior product that costs less. Our patients also appreciate the flexible financing options and the confidence that comes from being evaluated in a personal visit with one of our orthodontists.”