Valor Healthcare, a provider of primary care and behavioural health services, has been selected to provide Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Home Telehealth (HT) services for veterans.

The company, together with three other companies, has been awarded a eight-year contract, worth $1.032bn, from the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

VA’s Office of Connected Care will deploy the systems and tools required to monitor the chronic health conditions of veterans while they are at home.

The works under the contract are expected to support at least 72,000 veterans with chronic care, acute care, health promotion, disease prevention, and non-institutional care needs.

Valor is the largest private provider of Community Based Outpatient Clinics to VA, and will deliver high-quality RPM-HT services to veterans across the country.

It is the only private company in the US to provide veterans with both in-person care in brick-and-mortar facilities and care delivered through RPM and HT.

Valor Healthcare president and CEO Scott Wise said: “We are both honored and humbled to be selected as one of four contractors to provide RPM-HT services for the VA.

“We have assembled an extraordinary team of RPM-HT technology industry leaders, and we are committed to leveraging our collective expertise with this technology, this patient population, and this customer to help VA deliver unparalleled RPM-HT services to the most deserving patient population in the world.”

Valor Healthcare, together the other awardees, will provide RPM-HT technologies to help veterans to better self-manage their chronic conditions.

The services will also help alert caregivers or other medical personnel to veterans’ needs for active care and case management, including referral to a clinic or hospital for in-person care.

The company has teamed up with established companies and thought leaders in the space, including Movement Interactive and other companies for the contract works.

Movement Interactive developed the patented Hiji Sense, a wearable fall-detection and fall-prediction device and software powered by IvedaCare and IvedaAI.

It will provide high quality hardware and software capabilities, supporting fall detection and fall prediction of veterans in non-critical conditions.

Movement Interactive CEO Eric Luster said: “As the population of aging veterans continues to increase, it’s important for the care provided by the VA to follow suit and innovate.

“This contract will equip VA care facilities with the next-generation technology necessary to provide healthcare workers with a much-needed extra set of “digital” eyes to assist with patient care and safety.

“Thanks to this contract, our aging veterans will be consistently cared for, even if a healthcare worker is not present in the room. It is an honor to be part of the awarded contract and to continue working with Team Valor toward our shared goals in this space.”