US-based medical devices provider Topcon Healthcare has announced that it will collaborate with RetInSight for artificial intelligence (AI)-based eye care solutions.

Under the deal, the partnership intends to develop a seamless interface between RetInSight’s AI assisted retinal biomarker applications and Topcon’s optical coherence tomography (OCT) devices and cloud-based data management solution Harmony.

Advanced algorithms offered by Austrian digital health company RetInSight will help clinicians in the identification, quantification and monitoring of crucial retinal biomarkers such as retinal fluid and geographic atrophy lesions.

The latest collaboration allows both firms to expand retinal fluid detection and monitoring to primary eye care providers, thereby helping in co-management of patients.

RetInSight CEO Corinna zur Bonsen-Thomas said: “RetInSight´s partnership with Topcon will facilitate access of AI-based solutions to primary eye care providers, elevating the standard of care by enabling early detection and accurate referrals to advanced eye care specialists for timely treatment of the major retinal diseases.”

Both firms will also focus on the development and deployment of automated and OCT-based screening and monitoring applications of geographic atrophy (GA), a major cause for severe and irreversible visual loss.

The availability of RetInSight’s novel OCT-based biomarker algorithms on Topcon’s solutions is expected to boost the clinical use of the workflow efficient Maestro2 Robotic OCT and the Triton Swept Source OCT.

The cloud-based Harmony data management system is said to connect hundreds of ophthalmic devices across multiple practice locations to facilitate the analysis of relevant clinical data in a single and secure platform.

Harmony, which streamlines office workflow, enables detailed analysis of clinical data and incorporates seamlessly with EMR software. It will help in the deployment of RetInSight’s AI solutions without compromise of clinical efficiency.

Topcon Healthcare product management director Tobias Kurzke said: “Combining Topcon’s high quality imaging and data management with RetInSight’s novel AI application will lead to improved clinical decision making and efficient disease management.

“We are very pleased to add this powerful module to our already robust Harmony clinical data management solution and to our world-leading OCT’s.”

In July last year, Topcon acquired the Henson line of perimetry products, including the Henson 9000 and 7000, from Elektron Eye Technology (EET).