Therap’s disability software features multiple tools for health care support professionals to document services and track individual health data. Its Medication Administration Recording (MAR) tool for tracking medications allows a health professional, certified or licensed staff to document medications administered. This functionality helps staff providing direct services comply with state regulations. Meds are scheduled and comments may be added to medication passes and treatment records, while reports export to a monthly grid for immediate review, by a licensed nurse for example. Therap’s Mobile Apps feature a MAR app that reflects a daily view of the upcoming meds, with navigation features to quickly identify missed medications or scheduled passes and enter notations for a particular med.

Therap’s tools for Registered Nurses (RNs), Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and other healthcare support professionals include assessment tools and clinical notes. A full suite of health tracking modules all support professionals to track individual health data. Support professionals use the appointments module to schedule and track upcoming appointments, while nurses can pull reports across the agency or their caseload to view upcoming appointments and see that scheduled medical appointments are met. With the Medication History, integrated with First Databank’s leading drug database – Medication History forms are equipped with drug lookup tools that also provide detailed information on side effects, drug-allergy reactions, instructions on overdosage or missed doses and more. Mobile apps on iOS and Android devices give staff quick documenation and review tools to utilize Therap when they provide services in the community, so that more time may be spent providing the service.

Therap’s Pharmacy Interface allows the direct exchange of medical information between provider agencies and pharmacies. Pharmacy messages can directly update an individual’s medication schedule and transcribes to the Medication Administration Records for agency nurse approval. Using the interface, updates to medications, new orders and additional details can be submitted to the agency or caretaker with directed changes for the MAR.

Source: Company Press Release