SyntheticMR has released a new update to SyMRI 11.3.11 & 12.1.11 that provides condensed and relevant quantitative neuro report for both radiologists and providers.

SyntheticMR’s Quantitative Neuro Report is a user-friendly solution.

These reports provide:

Automated quantification of brain volumetrics
Normative age-stratified reference curves
Myelin volume and distribution
A compatible format with most RIS/EMR systems, including DICOM SR and PDF encapsulated DICOM
Dr. David Lefkowitz of SimonMed has collaborated with Synthetic MRI in the understanding and quantification of brain myelin and related disorders. “The new reports from SyntheticMR are outstanding,” says SyMRI user Dr. David Lefkowitz of SimonMed Imaging. “The data is presented in a very accessible format and the guidelines provided are excellent. These reports will help immensely with referring professionals and increasing our utilization.”

SyMRI NEURO is designed to help you save valuable time by reducing length of scan, all the while aiding as an objective decision support for diagnosis and patient follow-ups. In a single rapid scan SyMRI NEURO offers a fast and standardized protocol with clinically relevant quantitative data for more robust assessments of patients, particularly with quantitative assessment of myelin and brain volumes.

Source: Company Press Release