H4D, a leading global telemedicine company, is joining the international effort to fight the global coronavirus pandemic. H4D is providing hospitals with a fast, efficient and reliable solution to improve patient flow management in the emergency department.

The Consult Station® allows the 4 key vital parameters to be taken in 5 minutes, rapidly identifying the sickest patients and reducing contact time with medical staff.

The Consult Station® is operational within 24 hours of delivery. It is set up in a dedicated room within the emergency department, a modular structure or tent. The connected medical station is the only telemedicine solution that allows all four essential measurements (temperature, blood oxygen level, heart rate, blood pressure) to be taken autonomously by the patient in less than 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. A report of these measurements can integrate into the health system’s specific Covid-19 protocol.

The Consult Station® is a Class II medical device and has been FDA-cleared since 2017. The solution meets the strict hygiene requirements of an epidemic contagion. H4D’s cleaning and disinfection process is designed to prevent contaminant transfer to the next patient and any medical staff. H4D’s solution complies with HIPAA regulations and respects legal and regulatory frameworks around personal data protection, confidentiality and hosting of personal health data.

H4D was founded in 2008 by Doctor Franck Baudino to develop the Consult Station®, the first reliable, secure and connected medical booth for remote examinations. H4D has developed proprietary and certified technology, operational expertise and leadership in clinical telemedicine to offer a complete service to patients and providers alike. We have conducted several thousand teleconsultations and independent assessments across corporate, government and healthcare settings and have deployed the Consult Station® solution in 5 continents.

Source: Company Press Release