Medical device firm Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies has received the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its new plasma collection system called Rika.

The Rika Plasma Donation System (Rika) is an automated system that focuses on plasma centre personnel and donors’ experiences. It has safety measures to reduce operator errors and collect plasma in less than 35 minutes, said the company.

Rika will be available in a limited market launch this spring at CSL Plasma collection locations in Denver, Colorado with plans are on to introduce the technology at more CSL Plasma facilities this year.

According to Terumo, the plasma collection system has been designed to meet the need for an efficient, advanced and comfortable system without compromising donor safety and a sufficient plasma supply.

Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies president and CEO Antoinette Gawin said: “Rika will revolutionise plasma collection centre operations. We innovated around the donor and plasma centre experience, creating an entire new ecosystem.

“At the heart of our innovation is operational efficiency designed to collect plasma in 35 minutes or less. This will help meet the need for plasma-derived therapies.”

Gawin added: “Today, as an example, it could take 130 donations to treat one patient with a primary immunodeficiency for a year. This is such an important moment for us to Contribute to Society through Healthcare and fulfil our purpose of reaching more patients.”

Rika is said to facilitate a seamless donation experience with a collection time of 35 minutes or less combined with a volume of 200ml or less outside the donor’s body.

The advanced system of Rika adjusts automatically during each procedure and monitors continuously the donation process by providing alerts & cues to the operator.

CSL Plasma general manager Michelle Meyer said: “With this crucial milestone achieved, we look forward to rolling this new technology out to our U.S. collection centre.

“CSL Plasma’s decision to work with Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies is consistent with our business goals to improve the donor and employee experience through innovation and remain the plasma donation centre of choice.”