Johnson & Johnson Vision, the ophthalmology company of Johnson & Johnson MedTech, has rolled out a new presbyopia-correcting intraocular lens (PC-IOL).

The new lens, dubbed TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue IOL, is powered by InteliLight technology.

It is an extended depth-of-focus (EDOF) lens that expands presbyopia correction to more patients and joins TECNIS Synergy IOL, a hybrid lens designed for spectacle independence.

TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue IOL combines the company’s three technologies violet-light filter, echelette design and achromatic technology, and was first used in the TECNIS Synergy IOL.

The violet-light filter blocks the shortest wavelengths of light, echelette design helps reduce light scattering and halo intensity, and achromatic technology corrects chromatic aberration for better contrast day and night.

The company is now offering its InteliLight-powered TECNIS PC-IOL portfolio for ophthalmologists in the US and select countries in EMEA.

Johnson & Johnson Vision surgical vision global strategic marketing vice president Nikki Sidi said: “We know our patients’ lives don’t stop at sunset, and neither should their confidence in being able to see clearly or drive at night.

“The InteliLight PCIOL portfolio delivers best-in-category contrast and low-light performance. And with TECNIS Synergy for spectacle independence and TECNIS Symfony OptiBlue for functional vision at every distance, surgeons can now choose the best in low-light performing PCIOLs, according to their patients’ needs.”

In a separate development, J&J Vision has secured the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for Acuvue Abiliti Overnight Therapeutic Lenses for myopia management.

The current approval covers lenses up to six diopters, expanding the range from the previous four diopters, approved in May last year.

Abiliti Overnight lenses are orthokeratology (ortho-k) lenses and are worn overnight to provisionally reduce refractive error.

The lenses are designed to match a patient’s eye based on its unique corneal shape and a prescription may prevent the need to wear contact lenses or glasses during waking hours.

J&J Vision said that its FitAbiliti software guides the eye care professional through the fitting process and recommends a lens with a first fit success rate of around 90%.