Medical technology firm Smith+Nephew has expanded its surgical imaging portfolio with the introduction of an advanced LENS 4K surgical imaging system.

The LENS 4K surgical imaging system is a modern visualisation solution developed for end-to-end 4K imaging.

Ultra-high definition technology with advanced processing

Smith+Nephew’s LENS 4K system includes a camera control unit with an integrated light source, camera head, image management options and tablet application in a single solution.

The latest native 4K 3CMOS ultra-high definition technology combined with the firm’s advanced image and light processing will help generate better colour reproduction, image clarity, and depth of field.

Smith+Nephew has designed the LENS 4K system to minimise the complexity in equipment management and maximise OR workflows, in addition to providing better image quality.

The company has also added a newly designed autoclavable camera head to the LENS 4K system. It is ergonomically shaped for balance and comfort in a surgeon’s hand.

Programmable buttons on the camera head enable surgeons to control common functions and when used with the LENS iPad application, settings can be controlled outside the surgical field.

Setting options comprise image and video capture, transfer to an electronic medical record (EMR), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), and report creation for patient communication

The LENS 4K platform is provided with integrated light source and image management options, which will help ambulatory and multi-surgery centres to connect to the health system network for sharing reports, images and video with third-party systems such as electronic medical records (EMR), PACS or other clinical systems.

Smith+Nephew sports medicine marketing senior vice president Scott Schaffner said: “We are thrilled to introduce LENS 4K to a market that is demanding elite visual precision for surgeons performing arthroscopic procedures.

“The LENS 4K image quality is extraordinary and combined with our integration technology to distribute surgical images and content, we are uniquely positioned to address the entire surgical workflow environment.”

In July this year, Smith & Nephew completed the acquisition of Switzerland-based Atracsys Sàrl, a major provider of optical tracking technology that is used in computer-assisted surgery.