Smart Meter, a supplier of remote patient monitoring (RPM) devices, has rolled out new health monitoring products that support a nationwide network of SmartPartners.

The company is introducing the new iBloodPressure and the iBloodPressue Plus monitors, along with new weight management and bariatric monitoring solutions, iScale and iScale Plus.

The new tools combine advanced user features, ease of use, and enhanced security protocols, and will help SmartPartners transform healthcare, said the company.

Smart Meter chief marketing officer Bill Bassett said: “Smart Meter understands the unique challenges of caring for patients with chronic conditions, especially those with cardiac-related diseases. Our new blood pressure monitoring solutions were designed to address those needs.

“Progressive features like the voice assistant, large visual reading displays, support for two users in a single monitor, and colour-coded indicators build confidence in patients, helping them test more frequently, leading to improved adherence, increased satisfaction, and better management of health outcomes.”

According to the company, accuracy plays an important when measuring blood pressure.

The testing results will help support care management decisions for patients with chronic diseases, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, and congestive heart failure.

Smart Meter said that its new iBloodPressure and the iBloodPressue Plus monitors provide superior accuracy, meeting the industry standard in testing results.

The new iBloodPressure monitor is an affordable single push-button device that comes with a large clear screen and provides enhanced accuracy.

The iBloodPressure Plus monitor combines high accuracy with the capability to measure and track the vital signs of two users and active voice assistance.

It also includes other advanced patient-friendly features, including a digital colour-coded zone indicator and a voice and visual warning indicator if the cuff is not properly secured.

The voice assistance feature, which can be deactivated, is useful for visually impaired patients who need extra guidance in the testing process.

In addition to the new blood pressure monitors, Smart Meter is expanding its weight management and bariatric monitoring solutions the new iScale and iScale Plus.

The new iScale is a scale with a large visual display that measures up to 440 pounds, and iScale Plus comes with a weight capacity of up to 551 pounds and a larger footprint.

Smart Meter CEO Casey Pittock said: “Smart Meter is proud to expand our line of proprietary monitoring devices that combine patient-friendly technologies with robust security.

“Our devices are used by 200,000 patients daily, transmitting their patient-generated health data to their providers in real-time via our exclusive Private Data Network custom-built with AT&T and Cisco.

“SmartPartners can be assured their patient data is protected from alteration, eavesdropping, data mining, or interception.”