Molecular diagnostics firm Sense Biodetection has signed an agreement with Abacus dx for the non-exclusive distribution of its Veros molecular testing platform for Covid-19 by the latter in Australia and New Zealand.

Veros is a self-contained, single-use Covid-19 product that is claimed to generate PCR-quality results in around 15 minutes without the use of a reader or external power.

Abacus dx is a specialty medical distributor which connects manufacturers with customers in Australia as well as New Zealand.

The deal is the latest in the worldwide distribution partnerships established by Sense Biodetection for commercialising its Veros molecular testing platform. The agreement is positioned to allow Abacus dx to provide customers immediately with the testing product upon receipt of regulatory approval in the two countries.

Sense Biodetection chief commercial officer Ryan Roberts said: “We are enthusiastic about our partnership with Abacus dx to bring Veros Covid-19 to Australian and New Zealand healthcare providers.

“Together we’re optimistic that by adding the instrument-free Veros Covid-19 to their portfolio, Abacus dx’s customers will be able to take advantage of a rapid, laboratory-quality molecular test that can enable improved access and faster diagnosis, helping them to provide exceptional care for their patients right at the point of use.”

According to Sense Biodetection, Veros uses a rapid molecular amplification process to increase access to quick, highly accurate point-of-care testing for individuals. The diagnostic test is also claimed by the company to reduce the spread of Covid-19 through quicker and more accurate diagnoses.

The clinical performance of Veros Covid-19 is backed by a clinical trial held at multiple centres. The trial enrolled around 300 participants during the pandemic’s Omicron and Delta variant surges.

Sense Biodetection could demonstrate that Veros Covid-19 was easy-to-use, read, and its results could be understood, while involving minimal hands-on time from start to finish.

The company claims that Veros has the ability to detect all variants of Covid-19, including all Omicron sub-variants.