Rockley Photonics, a provider of photonics-based health monitoring solutions, has developed a Bioptx biomarker sensing platform for the medical and healthcare market.

Bioptx sensing platform includes a wide range of hardware and software solutions that enable non-invasive, continuous, and real-time monitoring of multiple biomarkers.

It will help medical institutions to monitor the general wellness of individuals and enhance the range of biomarkers that can be detected by current sensors, said the company.

The expanded range of biomarkers would cover core body temperature, blood pressure, body hydration, alcohol, lactate, and glucose trends, among others.

Rockley said that its new platform will integrate various sensing capabilities, including its patented silicon-photonics-based laser technology.

Rockley chairman and CEO Andrew Rickman said: “Launching the Bioptx product line two years earlier than planned represents a significant step forward in the deployment and commercialisation of our biomarker sensing platform and will allow us to develop and refine our algorithms and analytics for the healthcare market more quickly.

“People are interested in taking a more proactive role in managing their health, and professional healthcare providers are looking for a holistic approach to outcome-based programs.

“I believe our Bioptx bio-sensing platform has the potential to significantly advance this new approach by providing non-invasive, continuous remote patient monitoring that’s much more accurate and tracks a broader range of health conditions.”

The cloud analytics and AI capabilities of the platform allow medical institutions to analyse biomarker information, monitor general health conditions, and track health metrics.

It also offers insights that support healthcare treatments, including remote patient monitoring, medical therapies, management of chronic conditions, and drug development.

In addition, the company is planning to offer additional cloud-based subscription services that enhance the capabilities of the bio-sensing platform.

Rockley intends to use the data generated from the Bioptx platform to further improve the sensing algorithms, cloud analytics, and AI of its sensing platform.

Bioptx is the second product line to use its silicon-photonics-based biosensing platform, and will address specific needs of the healthcare market, said the company.

Rockley chief financial officer Mahesh Karanth said: “With the potential for additional revenue that could begin as early as 2023, the new Bioptx platform also gives Rockley the opportunity to offer new software and cloud services in addition to the wristband.

“These new opportunities build on our already strong customer base of two of the world’s top ten medical equipment and device manufacturers and twelve leading global consumer electronics companies, potentially increasing Rockley’s market opportunity by as much as $15 billion.”