Eye-tracking technology company RightEye has introduced a new automated and quantitative sensorimotor exam system for binocular vision testing.

Claimed to be the first of its kind across the world, RightEye Sensorimotor is all-in-one examination system that is designed for use by optometrists and ophthalmologists on every patient.

The RightEye Sensorimotor system allows to objectively detect and rapidly address binocular vision issues and oculomotor dysfunction.

According to the company, studies demonstrate that 30% of people have binocular vision issues or oculomotor dysfunction.

RightEye said that the complete hardware and software solution allows easy integration into the practice’s existing patient flow.

Sensorimotor, which is an examination of the basic eye motor component of an optometric or ophthalmic exam, allows to identify, evaluate monitor and manage strabismus and oculomotor conditions.

The eye-tracking technology integrated in RightEye Sensorimotor enables doctors to provide better patient service.

The fully automated sensorimotor exam can be run within five minutes if the patient fails the screening and the doctor identifies medical necessity, said the company

RightEye CEO and co-founder Adam Gross said: “We worked hand-in-hand with insurance billing experts and the nation’s leading eye care doctors to develop this revolutionary technology.

“I am so excited to be able to bring this to the market so that doctors can provide enhanced care to their patients – quickly, accurately, and profitably.”

In December 2019, the RightEye Vision system had secured the breakthrough device designation from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

RightEye, an eye movement behaviour biomarker company, provides technology to evaluate patients’ binocular vision, visual impairment, reading disorders, and performance issues by following an evidence-based, metrics-driven methodology.

Using a cloud-based platform, the company offers data-rich reports that allows to view the quality of a person’s eye movement and monitor the success of various treatments.

RightEye serves customers, including eye care providers, professional and amateur sports teams, hospital systems, rehabilitation facilities, and the US military.