ResMed, a world-leading digital health company, today launched cloud-based remote monitoring software for ventilators and Lumis bilevel devices across Europe, via its AirView platform.

With AirView, clinicians and care providers can remotely monitor their patients’ respiratory rate and SpO21, or blood oxygen saturation, two key indicators that should be monitored to track changes in a respiratory patient’s condition. The digital health platform can work via a connectivity module with any Stellar or Astral ventilator in Europe. Lumis bilevel devices have a built-in cellular connection to AirView.

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, there are many other patients who rely on ResMed ventilators every day to assist their breathing. A large number of these patients require regular check-ups and support from hospitals, physicians, and homecare providers. To protect patients and medical staff as well as increase the capacity of the health system, innovations such as telehealth and telemonitoring have become critical services.

“As a result of the current crisis, we accelerated the development and release of these new features by several months,” said Odile Bigaignon, ResMed’s European vice president of Respiratory Care Marketing. “Through remote telemonitoring, we want to help clinicians and care providers maintain their quality of care for patients that they cannot physically see during this crisis, as well as to provide an additional layer of safety for both provider and patient by helping them to maintain social distancing.”

AirView enables a clinician or care provider to securely review a patient’s therapy parameters and breathing statistics via their computer or smart device from anywhere. This release also enables access to detailed respiratory information from ResMed ventilators Astral and Stellar, as well as Lumis bilevel devices. For Lumis, clinicians can also change some device settings remotely. These devices are currently in use across the globe for the treatment of COVID-19 patients as well as those with chronic respiratory diseases.

Healthcare providers interested in activating AirView for their patients using a ventilator or bilevel device can contact their local ResMed representative.

Source: Company Press Release