Relievant Medsystems has rolled out new-generation Intracept Access Instruments to advance Intracept procedure for chronic vertebrogenic low back pain.

The new instruments are designed to provide more predictable and precise targeting of the Basi vertebral nerve (BVN) during the proven, durable, and safe Intracept procedure.

Intracept procedure is a same-day outpatient procedure that leverages targeted radiofrequency energy to stop the BVN from transmitting pain signals to the brain and takes around one hour.

According to the US-based medical device company, Intracept Procedure is the only FDA-approved treatment for chronic vertebrogenic low back pain.

More than 10,000 patients with chronic vertebrogenic low back pain have been treated using its minimally invasive Intracept Procedure, said Relievant.

Relievant Medsystems president and CEO Tyler Binney said: “We are committed to continued innovation in support of our physicians as we expand patient treatment with the Intracept Procedure.

“Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of several new instruments offering greater control, precision, and ease of use during the procedure.

“These next-generation Intracept Access Instruments are purpose built to enhance BVN access and procedural efficiency while consistently delivering positive outcomes.”

Relievant said that its next-generation Intracept Access Instruments are designed for predictable performance across a wide range of bone densities.

The instruments include Bevel and Diamond Introducers to facilitate consistent access with a depth marker for optimal positioning.

Its Curved Cannula Assembly with J-Stylet allows for true steerability to create a predictable path to the BVN, and its Straight Stylet will effectively extend or change access path trajectory.

In addition to access instruments, Relievant also introduced Intracept RF Probe, which delivers targeted radiofrequency energy to enhance C-arm operating clearance.

Pacific Sports and Spine co-founder and partner Gregory Moore said: “I have been performing the Intracept Procedure for more than a decade and I have seen the profound impact it has on improving patients’ lives.

“The next-generation Intracept Access Instruments raise the bar by delivering even more predictable performance and empower physicians to more readily access and target the BVN for lasting pain relief.”