Raxia recently surveyed medical practices regarding their COVID-19 screening processes for in-person doctor appointments. The survey, to be published June 22nd, was conducted via email and polled hundreds of doctors, nurses, and medical staff nationwide. While the surveyed practices universally turn away patients thought to have COVID-19, 83% of those same respondents employ protocols that could directly expose their staff and facilities to infected individuals during the screening process.

Raxia Contactless Check-In helps remove the risk of exposing staff and patients to COVID-19 during the check-in and screening process while still providing an excellent patient experience by:

Asking screening questions via a patient’s own mobile device at the time of appointment prior to entering the premises, eliminating physical contact with the intake staff and the facility
Eliminating waiting rooms with support for queuing workflows
Directing at-risk patients to the right care facility
Automating patient intake and appointment reminders for greater efficiency
Accepting contactless payments and keeping payment details on-file
Raxia Contactless Check-In is not only touch-free and safe but streamlined so more patients can be seen every day, reducing the impact of COVID-19 screening processes on day-to-day healthcare operations.

“You should know whether someone has COVID-19 symptoms before they have any direct interaction with staff or other patients. And you should ask these important questions at the time of appointment to ensure the accuracy, timeliness, and reliability of the information provided,” said Andy Kuan, Raxia CEO.

Raxia Contactless Check-In will be available on June 11th. A version of the product will be provided for free to qualified medical practices. For more information, please visit https://www.raxia.com/contactless-check-in/

About Raxia
Raxia helps healthcare organizations enhance patient communications and engagement with its suite of self-service applications designed to improve the patient experience and boost revenue cycle performance. Raxia offers contactless intake and COVID-19 screening solutions as well as a range of digital patient payment revenue cycle products.

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