US-based health technology company Pramana and AI-based clinical pathology software provider Techcyte have teamed up to create an advanced volumetric scanning and digital diagnostics solution.

The collaboration will leverage Pramana’s Spectral HT and Spectral M intelligent whole slide imaging systems with Techcyte’s AI-powered diagnostics software platform.

The integration will create a flexible platform for scalable digitisation of cytology and microbiology diagnostic workflows, including traditionally hard-to-scan specimens.

Pramana and Techcyte will work on the technology development, regulatory compliance, sales, and distribution of the new platform for cytology, microbiology, and haematology applications.

Pramana chief business development officer Mike Koenig said: “Our customers are asking for an innovative approach to digitising and analysing intricate microbiology or cytology slides.

“Pramana’s expanded capabilities in these sectors, along with our Techcyte partnership, represent significant industry milestones.

“Together, our joint solution will support clinical diagnoses with novel volumetric scanning technology and AI-powered image analysis, setting us apart from any other option currently available.”

Techcyte’s clinical pathology AI platform is designed to harness the power of deep machine learning to extend the work of lab professionals in the field of digital diagnostics.

The technology delivers enhanced accuracy, streamlined testing workflows, and mitigates staffing challenges, while significantly speeding up the delivery of diagnoses.

Pramana has a novel approach to whole slide imaging, which uses full-time volumetric scanning to create high-fidelity digital images of the slides with cytology and microbiology samples.

The company’s quality assurance module and unique algorithm facilitate a high first-pass success rate, preventing the need for staging the glass slides for quality control and rescans.

It allows the customers to use the same scanner for multiple sample types and can use built-in label identification software to use any special functions while scanning a particular specimen.

Techcyte CTO Shane Swenson said: “Pramana’s smart volumetric scanning represents a new technology category that enables efficient and accurate scanning of challenging sample types.

“The modular system with multiple scanning heads fed by a robotic arm and deeply integrated image analysis will allow our customers to achieve accuracy, throughput, flexibility, and redundancy that deliver an attractive return on investment.”