Phillips-Medisize has teamed up with GlucoModicum to design and market a non-invasive, wearable continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) technology that reduces barriers in patient care.

A subsidiary of consumer electronics provider Molex, Phillips-Medisize is engaged in developing drug delivery, in vitro diagnostic and medtech devices.

GlucoModicum is a Finland-based medical technology company that developed the needle-free magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) technology.

The MHD technology requires a small amount of energy, applied directly to the interstitial fluid (body fluid) to enable fast and easy extraction of a glucose sample.

Under the partnership, the design and development team at Phillips-Medisize will provide guidance on device classification, risk assessments and submission to regulatory authorities.

Building on its global manufacturing footprint, supply chain network and assembly automation capabilities, Phillips-Medisize will produce the devices and biosensors on a large scale.

In addition, the two companies will explore other potential applications of the advanced CGM technology to support the management of other diseases.

GlucoModicum managing director Jokke Mäki said: “We wanted to create a solution that is needle-free, accurate and more affordable so people would better monitor their glucose.

“Working with Phillips-Medisize, we applied compelling science to develop a world-class product that may help billions of people better manage their diabetes.”

GlucoModicum has partnered with Phillips-Medisize, a contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO) to advance the development of its advanced device, Talisman.

Talisman is designed to attach to a patient’s arm and integrate the MHD technology, ultra-sensitive biosensors and advanced algorithms while connecting to a smartphone app.

Phillips-Medisize developed the device using its expertise in industrial design, mechanical and electrical engineering, material science, miniaturisation, software development, manufacturing, and testing, among others.

Phillips-Medisize business development manager Homer Fairley said: “We started with ideas, concepts and drawings. The day we provided the finished sample product to GlucoModicum was a moment of celebration for both parties, as it really brought the possibilities to life.

“Now that there is a proven concept, we look forward to the opportunity to leverage Phillips-Medisize’s high-volume manufacturing capabilities to produce hundreds of millions of units on time and in a cost-effective manner. That’s a big benefit to this project.”