Veinwave utilising the process of UTC (Unipolar Thermo-Coagulation), applies a unique localised heat energy, via an ultra fine insulated needle, causing the vein walls to collapse and the vein to disappear instantly. It minimalises the risks associated with alternative treatments such as burning, scaring and pigmentation.

Laurence Newman, Managing Director of Medical Innovations, says Veinwave is the only treatment of its kind utilising the safe characteristics of Thermocoagulation to have been cleared by the FDA. Based upon our experience of 8 years working with Veinwave, there is not a condition we haven’t seen, nor a question we haven’t heard, when talking about vein treatments and we are bringing that wealth of knowledge and experience to the US. There is no reason why Veinwave cannot be available from every Doctors office with some interest in dealing with patients wanting their unsightly veins removed – and for those of us who suffer that blight, it can be a real psychological problem for the individual.

at workshops from State to State in the next few months.