Royal Philips has teamed up with Biotronik, a Germany-based medical device company focused on cardiovascular and endovascular diseases, to expand the range of cardiovascular medical devices offered to customers as part of the Philips SymphonySuite.

Philips SymphonySuite includes specialised equipment and devices, personalised services, financing options, site planning, operational support, and device programmes.

It enables clinicians or hospitals to open and expand cardiovascular office-based labs (OBLs) and ambulatory surgery centres (ASCs).

Biotronik will combine its cardiac rhythm management, cardiovascular intervention, and peripheral vascular intervention product portfolio with Philips SymphonySuite.

Biotronik vice president of commercial excellence Atul Suri said: “Through Biotronik’s innovative cardiovascular technologies, we’re committed to partnering with outpatient sites of service.

“Aligning with Philips will allow us to bring greater value to our outpatient customers, particularly those with capital equipment needs for ASC and OBL facilities.”

Philips said that more procedures are moving to out-of-hospital care settings, such as OBLs and ASCs, due to patient demand, improved medical technology, and operational benefits.

The out-of-hospital care settings will enhance access to care and facilitate a more personalised patient experience with a lower risk of hospital-acquired infections for patients.

Also, procedures performed in out-of-hospital settings incur less overhead and capital costs.

The Philips SymphonySuite, with the Biotronik portfolio, will enhance personalised patient care and treatment strategies for cardiac procedures in out-of-hospital care settings.

Philips procedural solutions for image-guided therapy head Chris DeCarolis said: “Philips is committed to expanding access to care through its innovative solutions and Biotronik’s alliance adds additional devices, including a cardiac rhythm management portfolio, to SymphonySuite.

“We will continue to evolve to stay ahead of the needs of physicians and patients and provide cardiovascular equipment, devices and services in out-of-hospital settings while reducing cost pressures via innovative business models.”