PhenomeX, a biotechnology company focused on cell biology, has introduced its Beacon Select optofluidic system with Opto B Discovery workflows for antibody discovery.

The Opto B Discovery workflows include advanced technologies and features that help scientists find lead candidate antibodies, customised as per specific challenges and changing needs.

When combined with the Beacon Select system, the workflows will provide more customers with access to unique antibody discovery applications.

The optofluidic platform will provide the optimum level of features that address its customers’ research and budgetary needs, said PhenomeX.

According to the company, Opto B Discovery workflows on the Beacon Select system will enable scientists to advance antibody screening and find lead candidate antibodies.

Unlike the four-chip Beacon system, which supports antibody discovery for large biopharma and CDMOs/CROs, the new system is suitable for small- to mid-sized biopharma and CDMOs/CROs.

The Beacon Select system allows the companies to rapidly select the single B cells with the best characteristics for antibody applications, including therapeutics, diagnostics, and reagents.

Furthermore, the Opto B Discovery workflows provide customisable assays used in evaluating antigen and epitope specificity, species or variant cross-reactivity, and functional properties.

PhenomeX said its new solution allows users to select and recover sequences of specific, most desirable antibodies with favourable attributes.

The approach would reduce the overall bioprocessing costs, improve the probability of campaign success, and shorten timelines to lead candidates.

When used with the company’s collection of reagents and consumables for mouse, human, and rabbit B cell repertoires, customers can advance antibody discovery beyond traditional methods.

PhenomeX is providing the Beacon Select system for antibody discovery through different purchase options, including capital placement, lease, or reagent rental.