Parent Assist Link Solutions, a provider of AI-based EHR management software, has rolled out its advanced software product, exclusively for early childhood intervention (0-5 years).

The solution transforms the way we identify and assist children facing developmental and behavioural challenges, while empowering parents and educators with valuable insights.

Parent Assist Link Solutions said that its software is more than just a product and represents the culmination of innovative research in child development.

It has been developed as per the guidelines of the AAFP and CDC and ensures that a child’s growth trajectory remains uncompromised.

The software enables governments to shift their healthcare investments towards prevention, potentially saving a lifetime of treatment costs, said the company.

Parent Assist Link Solutions, in its statement, said: “At the core of the company’s software are AI and Machine Learning-powered digital bots, seamlessly compatible with an array of devices including Amazon Echo and Apple Watch.

“These bots provide indispensable parental support, while a convenient text/web-based service simplifies inquiries related to children’s growth milestones and potential developmental triggers.

“Furthermore, their state-of-the-art permissioned private Hyperledger blockchain-based cloud platform facilitates seamless information flow among parents and various care providers such as speech therapists, physical therapists, ENT specialists, paediatricians, and more.”

Parent Assist Link Solutions is a provider of digital awareness tools, dedicated to the development of early childhood intervention.

The company aims to empower parents, educators, and care providers with advanced solutions that enhance children’s developmental journeys.

Its newly launched software equips parents and educators with valuable resources and tips to effectively support their child’s development, ensuring preparedness.

The software has the capability to track a child’s progress over time, empowering parents, and educators to intervene, when necessary, said Parent Assist Link Solutions.