US-based medical device company Paragon 28 has rolled out the Mister Tendon System, which allows surgeons to perform a distal cut of a tendon through a more proximal incision.

The system facilitates a distal cut to the flexor hallucis longus (FHL) or flexor digitorum longus (FDL) tendon through a minimally invasive incision, harvesting a working-length tendon suitable for transfer procedures.

Paragon 28 said the minimally invasive approach of the system’s instrumentation will provide better healing and faster recovery time in flatfoot reconstruction.

In addition to the harvester, an accessory dilator instrument is provided to help bluntly dissect soft tissue, improving harvester access without causing additional damage.

Surgeon designer Thomas San Giovanni said: “As surgical procedures change with a noted trend towards minimally invasive surgery, so must instrumentation to facilitate the task at hand.

“There would be no use to carry out the typical open dissection of the patient’s soft tissue structures and neurovascular structures if tendons could be harvested of the same length desired by using well thought out innovative instrumentation that facilitates minimally invasive harvest technique.

“In doing so, the same goal would be achieved all while sparing the anatomical region from needless dissection, avoiding surgical disruption of the soft tissue structural anatomy and microvasculature…do nothing that is of no use.”

The Mister Tendon Harvester System, intended for single use only, is sterile-packed and is ready for use in tendon transfer procedures.

The instruments related to the Mister Tendon Harvester system are intended to be treated as sharps, but not for use in other manufacturers’ implants, or re-sterilisation.

Paragon 28 is a medical device company focused on the foot and ankle orthopaedic market and is dedicated to improving patient lives.

In addition to the Mister Tendon Harvester, Paragon 28 provides several other solutions for flatfoot, including the PRESERVE Cotton, Evans, and STJDA Wedges, Titan 3-D Cotton and Evans Wedges.

The company also provides Grappler family of Systems, the Gorilla family of products, JAWS Great White Staple System, and Monster Hindfoot Screw System.

Paragon 28 CEO Albert DaCosta said: “We are committed to addressing the unmet needs of foot and ankle surgeons and the launch of a minimally invasive tendon harvester fulfils a promise we have made to our customers to develop less invasive instrumentation and implants for the most common procedures in the foot and ankle.”