UK-based patient monitoring systems provider Oxehealth has received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and CE Mark approvals for its new sleep monitoring solution.

The new solution, dubbed Oxevision, is a contactless patient monitoring platform for acute mental health and will extend the scope of Oxehealth’s contactless patient monitoring platform.

Oxevision comprises camera-based hardware and a suite of software modules including FDA-approved and CE-marked medical devices for vital signs and sleep monitoring.

It improves the ability of clinical teams to monitor patients, intervene when necessary, and plan and provide safe, high-quality, and more effective care.

Oxehealth CEO Todd Haedrich said: “We are now actively seeking acute mental health providers, who are forward thinking and interested in leveraging technology to advance their capabilities, to join our new Innovator Program.”

Oxehealth advisory board member Michael Genovese said: “In inpatient psychiatric settings it is impractical and unsafe to attach standard polysomnography equipment to patients.

“Oxehealth’s novel solution has such huge potential. The insights it provides can support clinical teams to tailor their care plans and promote recovery. Ultimately it could even allow clinical teams to refine medication prescriptions and optimize length of stay.”

Based on the proven links between sleep and mental health, sleep insights are important for providing the best care and treatment.

Obtaining objective and accurate sleep data in acute mental health remains a challenge.

Oxehealth said that Oxevision evaluates patients’ sleep or wake patterns with a range of accuracy comparable to polysomnography.

The sleep monitoring solution also provides automated daily outputs, which can be used by healthcare staff to support clinical decision-making, said the medical software company.