US-based medical device company OraSure Technologies, through its subsidiary DNA Genotek, has introduced OMNImet GUT (ME-200) for in-home, self-collection of faecal samples for metabolomics.

Intended for only research use, OMNImet GUT (ME-200) is said to complement the company’s portfolio of multiomic sample collection products, said the company.

OraSure Technologies president and chief executive officer Stephen S Tang said: “OraSure is expanding its multiomic offerings by deploying DNA Genotek’s technology to create and capture value from multiple sample types and multiple analytes beyond nucleic acids.

“We believe that analyzing correlations and causation across omes, now including the metabolome, will present an integrative view of health that will yield dividends for individual health, wellness, disease monitoring and treatment.”

DNA Genotek leverages its experience in sample collection devices to develop the device

Multiomics integrates data from different omes, including the genome, transcriptome, proteome, and metabolome, to provide a more holistic view of human health, wellness and diseases such as obesity, diabetes, Parkinson’s, autism and cancer.

DNA Genotek has leveraged its experience with sample collection devices for genomics and microbiome to develop and validate a new collection device and required stabilisation chemistry to protect the sensitive nature of metabolites in faeces and ensure integrity of the sample.

The unique chemistry in the OMNImet·GUT device offers a minimum of seven days room temperature stability, which allows the donors to collect sample at home and return it to the laboratory within a flexible timeframe.

The company has collaborated with Metabolon, a phenotyping technology provider, for the validation of OMNImet·GUT collection device performance.

DNA Genotek executive vice president and molecular solutions business unit leader Kathleen Weber said: “Advances in the prediction, detection, understanding, and monitoring of human diseases have increased the use of metabolomics technologies.

“OMNImet·GUT is designed to help scientists efficiently unlock the complexity of the metabolome. It offers a breakthrough design for self-collection and chemistry innovations that protect metabolites in feces while ensuring sample integrity.”