Japanese medical technology company Olympus has rolled out a single-use flexible video rhinolaryngoscope Vathin E-SteriScope for use in diagnostic and therapeutic otorhinolaryngological procedures.

The E-SteriScope single-use flexible video rhinolaryngoscope is manufactured by Chinese medical device maker Hunan Vathin Medical Instrument and is exclusively distributed by Olympus.

Olympus is now commercialising the new single-use product in the US, with plans to expand the product offering to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa later this year.

The E-SteriScope will provide healthcare providers with flexibility in their approach to every procedure with improved workflow and integration with content management systems.

Available across hospital sites to support collaborative patient care, the rhinolaryngoscope enables the management of patient records, along with central and secure storage of endoscopy content.

The E-SteriScope rhinolaryngoscope comprises an outer diameter range of 3.2mm for the diagnostic scope, 4.9mm for the therapeutic scope and a 300mm insertion tube.

It comes with a tip angulation range of 210 degrees up and down and the therapeutic scope includes a 2.2mm working channel.

Improper use of the E-SteriScope single-use flexible video rhinolaryngoscope may result in patient injury, bleeding, and/or perforation, said the medical technology company.

Olympus therapeutic solutions senior vice president Gabriel McHugh said: “We are very excited to launch this single-use rhinolaryngoscope as a complement to the full Olympus ENT portfolio.

“We know that many factors influence clinical workflow, including portability, efficiency, and connectivity.

“The E-SteriScope single-use flexible video rhinolaryngoscope gives health care providers flexibility and choice when balancing these factors and deciding on the best pathway to diagnosis and treatment.”

The E-SteriScope device allows physicians to see patients in the operating room or the office, with the option to perform biopsies, injections, and other procedures in more sites of care.

It offers simplified content management and data-sharing platforms, including the nCare recorder and VaultStream server, supporting collaboration among physicians and nurses.

The device will allow physicians to improve procedural efficiency, reduce procedure-related costs, and increase patient satisfaction, based on its working channel option and workflow pathway solutions.