Baby Gorilla system provides a comprehensive set of implants for procedures, which need narrower plates and smaller screws corresponding the size and anatomy of small bones within the foot and ankle.

The system offers 65 Baby Gorilla plating options from 13 plating families. All plates have been designed to be used with both 2.0 mm and 2.5 mm locking and non-locking variable angle plate screws.

According to the company, the system includes an array of utility, fracture, and procedure specific plates that require minimal manipulation.

Different plate options provided through Baby Gorilla system include straight plates, L-plates, oblique L-plates, T-plates, oblique T-plates, Y-plates and double Y-plates.

Other options include navicular plates, cuboid plates, mesh plate, Jones fracture compression and hook plates, fifth metatarsal avulsion fracture hook plates and Akin osteotomy plates.

Baby Gorilla system is also comprised of specially designed instrumentation, including curettes, reduction clamps, osteotomes, plate bending tools and compression and distraction devices.

The products are specifically engineered for use in the foot and ankle for small bone fractures and reconstruction procedures.

Founded in 2010, Paragon 28 is engaged in the development of products for the foot and ankle community.

Image: Lateral view of Baby Gorilla mini plating system options. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto / Paragon 28, Inc.