Metabolomics-based diagnostics firm numares has entered into an agreement with analytical instrumentation and solution provider Bruker to introduce new diagnostics tests using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) technology for unmet medical applications.

The tests are based on the automated measurement of metabolites using a magnet field, and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as marketed under the numares brand AXINON, said the company.

The deal enables to combine numares’ expertise in leveraging metabolomics for software-based diagnostics with Bruker’s NMR technology.

Numares commenced a collaboration with US-based Mayo Clinic for joint diagnostic test development using metabolomics and NMR, two years back.

Collaboration to support numare’s AXINON transition to clinical use

Numares said that the collaboration with Bruker is another step ahead for the company in realising its vision of bringing technologies into routine diagnostics.

It is expected to contribute to the ongoing transition of AXINON platform from research into routine clinical use.

The AXINON platform based on NMR spectroscopy is a non-invasive technique, which holds the potential to prevent and treat disease, including conditions in the kidney, heart, and liver as well as cancer.

The numares system measures different metabolic patterns and uses AI to cluster and translate the results into clinical diagnosis.

The generated information will provide healthcare professionals with new insight into disease management, as well as helps patients to quickly access right treatment.

In addition, the AXINON platform facilitates disease risk prediction, thereby helping to focus on new developments in precision medicine and companion diagnostics.

numares Group co-CEO and president Winton Gibbons said: “This agreement is a further important step in the commercialization of our products in the US.

“With GFRNMR we will soon launch a novel blood test to help identify and quantify impaired kidney function in patients with this more accurate, easy-to-access, and affordable diagnostic standard.”

In December 2020, Bruker introduced its FluoroType SARS-CoV-2/Flu/RSV winter four-plex PCR panel for simultaneous detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, both influenza A and B viruses, along with the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).