VHA’s Directive 2011-011 requires all Veterans Administration (VA) hospitals to safeguard patient safety during transfusions by ensuring accurate identification of the patient, the blood sample and the blood components using LaserBand FusionBand solution.

For the transfusion safety, each patient be issued an ID wristband with his or her full name, social security number (SSN), and a barcode displaying the full SSN along with a label attached to the bloodwork carrying the same patient information.

LaserBand Product Development vice president Mark Greer said LaserBand’s specially designed FusionBand blood band is the perfect ID solution for VA hospitals or any hospital striving to provide patients with optimum safety and comfort.

The FusionBand blood band’s patented self-laminating design protects the patient’s full name, SSN and barcode from common hospital chemicals, ensuring readability by staff and scanners throughout the patient’s stay.

Additionally, the design incorporates wristband and labels into the same form, allowing simultaneous printing of both, preventing mix-ups that can occur when patient identifiers are printed on separate wristband and label forms.