The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a patent to Nexalin Technology for its non-invasive, frequency-based deep-brain stimulation device, Gen-3 system.

Gen-3 is a proprietary and advanced waveform device, which is intended to offer a painless and undetectable treatment for patients.

The patent, entitled Transcranial Alternating Current Dynamic Frequency Stimulation (TACS) System, covers the core technology used in the stimulation device.

According to Nexalin Technology, the Gen-3 system represents a major improvement over its predecessor, the Gen-1 system. Besides, Gen-3 is said to advance the development of the company’s Deep Intracranial Frequency Stimulation (DIFS) technology.

DIFS is designed to provide deep and painless neural stimulation of the brain by using a digital breakthrough in electrical waveforms.

Gen-3 is applied by positioning electrodes on the patient’s skull to deliver deep stimulation to brain regions linked to mental health issues.

Nexalin Technology CEO Mark White said: “This patent award for our non-invasive, deep-frequency stimulation device marks a major milestone for the Company, as it extends our IP protection through 2040. Most notably, the unique nature of our device’s waveform can only be created with very specific electrical components, capacitors and designs.

“This patent covers these three key areas, and we believe it further protects the Company from others trying to circumvent our IP.  Importantly, this patent marks what we believe is a major advancement for the drug-free treatment of mental health conditions.

“Recent published clinical evidence supports the clinical benefits of the Nexalin device for the treatment of a variety of neurological diseases associated with deep brain structures.”

Listed on Nasdaq, Nexalin Technology is engaged in the design and development of neurostimulation products to fight the global mental health epidemic. Its products are said to be non-invasive and undetectable and use bioelectronic medical technologies for the treatment of mental health conditions.

Recently, China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) approved the company’s Gen-2 15 milliamp (mA) neurostimulation device for the treatment of depression and insomnia.