FloShield is expected to be approved for sale in Japan in the second half of 2015.

FloShield claimed to help surgeons maintain a clear and consistent view during laparoscopic surgery by eliminating loss of vision and surgical interruptions.

The laparoscopic device provides active lens protection, a moving curtain of gas over the lens that avoids condensation, fluids and blood products from settling on the optics during surgery.

MID CEO Wayne Poll said, "We are enthusiastic about partnering with MCM and their sales professionals who see laparoscopic surgeons struggling everyday with loss of vision from condensation, smoke and/or debris on the scope."

MID marketing vice president Stephen Forden said the importance of clear, consistent, and uninterrupted vision during surgery is obvious.

"FloShield provides a commercial advantage to a video company by preventing loss of vision, while their competitors’ scopes frequently become soiled and require interruption for manual cleaning," Forden added.