Genova Diagnostics introduces a new collect-at-home nutritional test to help support telemedicine practices and provide clinicians a more comprehensive set of options without a blood draw. The Metabolomix+ profile is a unique combination of nutritional tests that assess the functional need for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive support and amino acids with add-on modules based on a patient’s unique needs. Add-on modules include bloodspot essential and metabolic fatty acids, toxic and nutrient elements, as well as genomics.

The Metabolomix+ profile identifies complex nutritional insufficiencies that may underlie chronic conditions and helps inform a treatment plan to optimize health outcomes. Testing can assist in evaluation of many areas including fatigue, mood disorders, dietary guidance, athletic performance, weight loss and digestive complaints.

Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Amy Peace Brewer shared, “The study of metabolomics is all encompassing – organic acids, amino acids, fatty acids, stool metabolites, hormone metabolites, and more. Genova Diagnostics has been an industry leader in metabolomic testing for decades. Our newest profile, Metabolomix+, is a modular profile allowing clinicians to build their own version of metabolomic testing based on clinical need. As an added benefit, it can be collected in the comfort of the patient’s home, at their convenience.”

Source: Company Press Release