Ergotron is meeting the evolving telehealth needs of healthcare providers with two new solutions: the StyleView Telepresence Combo Wall System and the Electric Desk for Telemetry. The products expand the Ergotron telehealth solution portfolio, which includes a spectrum of products from light-duty tablet carts to feature-rich mobile telemedicine carts.

“COVID-19 has created a rapid expansion of telehealth adoption that will likely continue into the foreseeable future,” said Mark Brandenhoff, general manager, healthcare at Ergotron. “We’ve offered telemedicine solutions for years. Now, we’re excited offer a wider range of products to better serve the needs of providers now and in the months and years to come.”

The StyleView Telepresence Combo Wall System improves provider workflows by consolidating telepresence equipment and medical record access into one flexible, wall-mounted system. The ergonomic solution features 20 inches of height adjustment. This allows providers to work comfortably, whether they’re sitting or standing, as they consult with patients and communicate virtually with other caregivers or specialists.

Providers can easily attach their preferred telepresence equipment* to the unit. A worksurface and pull-out keyboard tray, plus an area for a CPU and barcode scanner, are also included. To reclaim space, the product folds away when not in use.

The Electric Desk for Telemetry allows providers in tele-ICU or telemetry units to mount up to six screens to monitor multiple patients or telemetry data. The workstation can be moved up and down with the press of a button to provide a comfortable, ergonomic fit for each user as they stand or sit. Monitor arms can be easily adjusted in virtually any direction to provide the perfect viewing angle for each screen, and a rear cable management tray conceals cords and cables.

“We want healthcare providers to be equipped with the right tools so they can seamlessly provide the best telehealth care for their patients, and do so in a way that’s flexible and comfortable,” Brandenhoff said.

The new StyleView Telepresence Combo Wall System and the Electric Desk for Telemetry are now available from resellers in North America. For more information about Ergotron’s telehealth solutions, visit or call 888-743-1119.

Camera, monitor and other equipment sold separately. Ergotron does not manufacture, sell or endorse any telepresence camera.

Source: Company Press Release